Fascinated by the complex relationship between technology and nature, I aim to confront the viewer with the increasingly blurred line between the two. I always tend to use nature as a starting point in my work after which I reshape and bend it – until it becomes something more artificial and alienated from what we know. The act of manipulating, both digitally and physically is something I always apply to my work. It is a way to illustrate the manipulation which is already part of our contemporary world.

I graduated in 2019 from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (University of the Arts Utrecht) in the Netherlands with a Bachelor’s degree in photography. In the third year of the course, I completed a traineeship in London. Enjoying the atmosphere and openness of the city, I then decided to pursue a Masters in photography at London College of Communication right after graduating from my BA. Since then,  I have been taking part in several exhibitions throughout Europe. For my graduation project Everything I see is true I received the Mercers’ Art Award and the Photoworks Mentorship award.

Contact: maria.makridis@gmail.com