The relation between photography, the virtual and what we consider as reality

There is a common fear of technology that holds an increasingly larger place in our lives, while at the same time we are dependent on our electronic devices.
I have made several reconstructions of self-portraits as a starting point. The reconstructions show how we are becoming a technological creature, and to what extent we can we replicated.
This work is an ode to the perfection as well as to the imperfections of technology, and to the everlasting attempt of mankind replicating all the natural.

Work 1 – The perfect average
I have made several average faces, all starting with a self-portrait. Every photo consists of a self-portrait combined with one or more completely computer generated faces. Only the first face is an average of my own face, which is clearly less perfect than the others. In this way I show how we prefer the virtual over the natural.

Work 2 – A combination of photography and 3D-modeling
The four images that are mounted on aluminium consist of two layers. The first one is a photographic image. The second layer is a 3D-model – each composed of 30 photos which I then put together to create a digital model. By combining these two, I show the contrast between the natural and the virtual.

Work 3 – A self-portrait projected on a 3D-printed model
Inside the cubicle you find one of the 3D-models, which I made physical with 3D-printing. The model is exactly what the computer generated when putting the photos together. On the model, I projected a video of myself, which gives the inanimate a sudden uncanny feeling. While the other works give the impression that technology strives for perfection, this work does the complete opposite. By doing this, I want to question the perfection as well as the imperfections of technology, and how man slowly transforms into a digital being.