The term ‘defragmentation’ refers to the act of rearranging data on a hard disk, to improve the readability of it. In my work, I consider my mind as the hard disk and the data as the world around me.

The way we know the world keeps changing, but to break down my surroundings help me to increase my understanding of what is happening. In the future, the only way to experience our surroundings from the past might be through memories or if they eventually fade – a digitally composed simulation. What will be left from the authentic experience if it goes through several layers? Is there even such thing as “the authentic”?

We do not have to leave our home anymore in order to visit a well-known place in the world. Both virtually as in person, I visited well known, touristy places in London, and shows the reflection of these places. What is left is a distorted recollection, affected by the electronic as well as the memory.